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I keep reaching my goals and be prepare to read my first book soon..


I studied GIS offered by the Open Education Faculty of Anadolu University, and graduated with 2 years degree in June 2021.

Using R I prepared Covid19 graphs for Turkey, and published them through my social media accounts.

Here is my blog's link : Oya's blog where I used Wordpress plugin at my website. I'm trying to keep up with same cathegories..

And some of my photos at my website: Oya's photos

My next goal is to re-arrange my web sites so I can write and store my photos. Some other goals related to IT and none IT are waiting blind at the moment. Internet with social media causes to higher the productivity.

Trying to understand what is going on on social media;

PayDeg; #PayDeg +PayDeg / Information Technologies community / PayDeg at Facebook / @paydg PayDeg Journals @oyasan

Roll Out Cloud; #RollOutCloud / +RollOUTCloud / RollOoutCloud blog / RollOutCloud video playlist / Roll Out Cloud Community / RollOutCloud at Facebook / @RollOutCloud

Cooking; #W830tr / +W8:30TR / W830TR community / W830TR blog / W8:30TR video playlist / #TeaTables / +TeaTables / #kahvezamani / kahvezamani community

Promenade; #promenade / +promenade / Promenade community / Promenade blog / Promenade video playlist

Everydayisflower; #everydayisflower Everydayisflower community

oyasfun; #oyasfun / oyasfun community

#gif Gif community

Painting, Crafts, For Math commnunites

As you may see I'm trying to create some brands. I believe I can also help people to do that. Many ideas can be combine and use. Mean time I realized I'm good at taking photos and writing too.

Attended Academic IT Conference, Antalya/Turkey and presented about Security&Cloud (January,2013) and its presentation; Cloud&Security_AB2013.pdf

Prepared an Youtube Channel Geek's Channel and recorded a few video about PayDeg's introduction. Now, trying to figure out how can I record my own lessons about Cloud Computing. I would like to combine many things together. And here is the link for Roll Out Cloud playlist..

My blogs : , , , , , ,

The videos will be reachable from my company's web site too

Google profile :Şanlı

To support my training I also prepared a journal. I'm at the fifth issue at the moment.. First issue; it has five pages.. (you can move between pages with -->> at the bottom) First page is introduction page, about my training.

Second issue's first page is third one is about cloud computing, forth one is about IT management and Journal has six pages from the second issue..

I presented about Cloud Computing at Turkish IT Association - TBD Türkiye bilişim Derneği at 20th April 2012 -->>

I was in a morning talk program called "Uyan Türkiye" - Cem Tv at 19th of April 2012 -->>

I presented a presentation about Cloud Computing at University İstanbul -->> and here is the document for it; and their certificate;

I was the featured guest at livestream "Let's talk about it" -->>

My training about Cloud Computing is ready, take a look at details -->>

Attended PhoneCamp at Microsoft ( 2 days Windowsphone 7 traning) (February, 2012)

Attended Academic IT Conference, Uşak/Turkey and presented about Cloud Computing and comparison of clouds(February, 2012) - A view over the clouds

Lectured at Kadir Has University the selective course; An Introduction to Cloud Computing (ENG) (Fall 2011)

Attended Academic IT Conference, Malatya/Turkey and presented about Cloud Computing (February,2011) - Bulut Bilişim

Board Member, Chinese American Scholars Association,, July 2010 - present Publication:

“Cloud Computing”, Refereed Program of the E-Leader Conference at Zagreb, Croatia, (2011) ISSN 1935-4819 CloudComputing_Zagrep.pdf

“Social Media Marketing”, Refereed Program of the E-Leader Conference at Zagreb, Croatia, (2011) ISSN 1935-4819 SocialMediaMarketing_Zagrep.pdf


Preparing lightning program about Cloud Computing Roll Out Cloud

Managing and Organizing CloudCamp Turkey


Managed consulting Yeditepe Danışmanlık on their software implementation phase.

At E-Leader Budapest 2010 Conference my paper and my presentation about "Management issues in IT Management" will be posted in June 9, 2010. See the details at E-Leader. You may read my paper About Visual Perception and view presentation About Visual Perception

Prepared Word for Lawyers course and gave that course to Fora Avukatlık Bürosu

Managed consulting DenizBank Kültür A.Ş on their Video archiving project.

Now, I am freelance trainer with Mct certificate, and a freelance consultant. I am using site for these purposes.

MCAS – May 2010 Using Word 2007
MCTS - April 2010 Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006

MCT - March 2010 Microsoft certified trainer
MCT Plus Train the Trainer March 2010
(, )

July 2007 Ax-30-206 Ms Axapta Installation & Configuration
August 2007 Ax-30-204 Ms Axapta Trade & Logistics

  • Find solution for business problems
  • Preparing to be a trainer
  • Design web sites

While I was trying to find a solution to one of business problem, I faced to "Cloud Computing", and found very interesting. I translated a few article in to Turkish. It is published in Cio Club Magazine's November issue at page 47.About Mother and Baby Foundation to read.

My goal is to be a Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Master. To reach that goal, I passed ax-30-206 and ax-30-206 exams.

For the web page I designed for Aysan Sumercan, film and theater actress and dubbing, please About Mother and Baby Foundation

For the web page I had designed for Mother and Baby Health Foundation (Anne ve Bebek Sağlığı Vakfı) please About Mother and Baby Foundation

My Flash work About Mother and Baby Foundation

I have translated Gestalt Laws of visual perception from to Turkish. About Visual Perception to see the Turkish version.

About Typography to read about Typography in Turkish.

About Web Design in TurkishAbout Web Design



Kantarelli Mağazacılık ve Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti (2007-2009)  

I worked as an Informatiın Systems Manager. By clicking Kantarelli Project you may get information.

Servers, pcs, cameras, Vpn Servers were outsourcing at Turcom. I installed terminal services and Sql2005, and maintain them. I maintain pcs.
Software Winner (local software for retail) implementation
  Reports Monthly sales and costs reports
Mother and Baby Foundaton (Anne ve Bebek Sağlığı Vakfı)  

I worked as the assistant of the chairman of Social committee, and as responsible for the public relations of the foundation.

Web site design I designed the web site;
Card designs I designed the e-card for the Ramadan Fest. By clicking Oya Şanlı's Creative Examples you may see the design
Eat, Ekmek Arası Tatlar Midas Gıda Pc, modem installations

I installed all of their pcs and adsl modems.

  Design I designed e-mails for many occasions. By clicking on the Oya Şanlı's Creative Examples you may see a few of my designs.
Perfetti Van Melle Gıda San (2000-2005) Terminal services

To be centralizing It structure, I implemented Windows 2000 terminal services. Doing that, company had been realized sales records at time, and had been able to manage depots efficiently. Because of that Microsoft Turkey was chosen this project as a success story. By clicking on the Oya Şanlı's Wan-Lan Project you may see the progresses about lan and wan structure. By clicking; Oya Şanlı's Wan-Lan Project you may watch the video which Microsoft prepared for the success story.

  Training users I trained all users giving Ms Office course, especially, Outlook. I also trained depots' user about all devices they were using such as pcs, printers, routers and modems.

I was the project leader of the project. With this project salesmen were able to visit more shops of Migros and were able to prepare waybill in a short time, and were able to keep the van's inventory correctly. The most important point was; sale manager were able to keep up with discounts. After transferring handhelds' data to pc, and to the server as waybill information, invoicing was become handy. By clicking on the Oya Şanlı's Handhelds Project you may count benefits.

With this project I was invited to the It Summit. You may reach my presentation by clicking on the Oya Şanlı's It Summit Presentation

    By clicking on the Oya Şanlı's software project you may see the progresses.
Sunu Pazarlama A.Ş. (1999-2000) Citrix Server To collect data from shops with Cpm A.Ş. we implemented Citrix Server.
  Invoicing System I was the project leader, Cpm made the deveopment of the software..
Link Bilgisayar A.Ş. (1997-1999) Testing Finding bugs on the new software, inform the programmers.
  Preparing reports

I prepared many reports (accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory,..) using the software report tool called "Teleskop".

  Train supporting team Dealers, the supporting team did not know about Nt and Sql and how to install them. So, I organize training with Servus. Supporting team did not understand English, I translated all Microsoft training documents into Turkish.
Ram DIş Ticaret A.ş. (1996-1997 Import/Export Systems I wrote programs for import/export documents in Oracle Developer tools using Oracle Db.
Connection to other group companies For Ram Store in Baku, with Migros in Turkey and Ram Store I establish the modem connection. You may see the infrastructure by clicking on Oya Şanlı's Infrastructure
Ascott Konfeksiyon San (1992-1996) Setup Network I setup Novell Network with Siemens.
Implementing software I implemented Link Klasik seri programs.
Handhelds project

As project leader, with Porcan A.S. we implemented handhelds to collect sales data from shops, with Link A.S. we transferred that data into Link data.(using handhelds' modem and telephone lines) You may read the article about it by clicking on The news about Oya Şanlı at Monitör Journal

Using windows 3.11 and Ms Access, I imported Link data and prepared various sales report. Using this repots and Ms Project we moved up to 4 season from 2.

To see the progress in Pdf format please The progresses made by Oya Şanlı

Bonder Kimya A.Ş.(1991-1992)

Setup Network

I setup token ring Novell Network with Tepum A.Ş.
Implementing software Implementing Link Klasik seri programs, all legal books transferred to computer.
ABB Esaş Trafo San (1988-1991)

General Ledger

For Accounting department I wrote programs to keep accounting journals, accounting ledger and repots. I used the odessy pakage and Cobol Language. (main frame - Bourroughs 1965)

  Cost Accounting

I wrote programs for cost accounting. I used DbIII and DbVII. (Novell network-Pc) To see the certificate of good service please Certificate of good service for Oya Şanlı

Arçelik A.Ş. (1981-1983) Quality Control System For Quality control department I wrote the programs to separate broken parts coming from vendors, and inform them the percentage of fake parts. I used Cobol Language and index sequential files. (main frame - Bourroughs 6800)

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